The lights, the maddening traffic, the markets and the people…Hong Kong is basically associated with these things and there is no denying the fact that these are the elements that bring out the true flavours of this crazy city-state!

There are so many amazing things you can do in this lively place; you wouldn’t be able to choose what to do first!

Explore the city in and out

Though there are a number of ways to travel around the city, you absolutely have to try the trams. They are known as ‘ding ding’ here and you can travel through the big and small places of the city on these. They will take you back to simpler times as they amble at their own sweet pace and you will have ample time to see and click pictures and learn about the history, art and culture of the region. Besides, you can opt to take a walk to explore amazing places in this city. Go to the Museum of History and learn about the origin story of the place and learn how the culture has taken giant leaps in the past decades.

At the beach front

There are beautiful beaches in Hong Kong and while you are here, there is absolutely no way you can miss them. Go to the Turtle Cove Beach, the Upper Cheung Sha Beach or the Silvermine Beach Resort and enjoy the clear waters, the sun and the sand and sip on fine drinks and eat sumptuous food served around here. You can also enjoy different sort of water sports such as parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving and so on. You can have amazing candle lit dinners on the beach and walk barefoot on the glistening sands, capturing life in every moment.

Shopper’s stop

Hong Kong is known for its crazy street markets and you can have a blast hopping these markets. The sheer joy of shopping in the rustic fashion will be fulfilling. There is everything available in these markets – food, clothes, shoes, bags, watches, jewellery, antiques and so on. All you need to do is take your pick. There are several famous markets here such as the Temple Street night Market, the Ladies Market, Flower Market, Cat Street antique market and Tai Yuen Street Toy Market.

Enjoy local cuisines; there is so much to try

Hong Kong represents some of the best Chinese food in the world and you have to try local dishes to understand the true essence of their food. It wouldn’t be like any Chinese Food you have had at any place in the world. The wantons, the sweet and sour pork, wind sand chicken, dumplings, Rickshaw noodles and roast goose are some of the most widely eaten delicacies in Hong Kong and you have to enjoy them all! There are plenty of options for vegetarians as well and one can choose from a number of vegetarian dishes made with fresh produce.

Visit the famous Big Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha statue is something you have to see. It is the largest resting Buddha statue in the world and is made of bronze. It is located on the Ngong Ping Lantau Island and tourists from different parts of the world visit Hong Kong to see this. There are a number of interesting places nearby that you can visit such as Po Lin Monastery, the Lantau South country park, the Lantau Trail and so on.

There are zoos, amusements parks and other attractions in Hong Kong that cannot be missed. Depending upon what your interests are, you may want to select your places and duration of visit. It is essential that you plan ahead before starting you day so that you can make most of the time you have in the city.