The Caribbean islands have always been a major tourist attraction. One such gem of an island is Jamaica, situated in the south of Cuba. Going on a Jamaican holiday may well turn out to be one of the best holidays ever for you. Here’s why!

The Exotic Location

Jamaica, with all its captivating beaches, palm trees, and tropical climate automatically puts you in the typical Rasta vibe of the place; you can simply learn to take life easy and enjoy the present moment. The scenery is breathtaking and you may well feel that you have just walked into the ‘Garden of Eden’.

The Food and Drink

Though, there are several luxurious hotels and resorts in Jamaica where you can enjoy cuisines from across the world; you surely need to sample the local food, because it is simply not to be missed. The jerk beef, the curry goat with Rice and Peas, Solomon Gundy, Yam, Corned Beef, Ackee and Saltfish, and a lot more sumptuous and savory local dishes delight your taste buds.

Places to Visit, Things to Do

Jamaica has everything you would imagine a beautiful Caribbean Island to have. There are plenty of prospects for water sports; you can go parasailing, swim with the dolphins, go on a yacht ride to a private island, and so on. Besides, you can ride bikes in the city and discover the fine artistic architecture, explore the colorful surroundings, and make friends with the warm and ever-welcoming locals.

The Lazy Holiday!

Sipping fine cocktails on beach hammocks or beach chairs, while feasting your eyes upon the setting sun; few other things could be so delightful in life. You can enjoy music, food, and drinks at the local clubs and cafes. Even a simple stroll reveals how beautiful this place is in terms of natural beauty. Also, visit the famous Bob Marley Museum and learn about the life of this iconic singer.

Pack your Bags Today if…

You are looking for a relaxing time with your friends and family, or need some peaceful and alone time! You can even go there for the sole purpose of photography because this place has some of the most spectacular scenic elements that you can see nowhere else in the world.