Grenada, one of the lesser visited Caribbean islands, is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see!  Packing your bags to this amazing destination may be one of the best trips you make in a lifetime.

There are a number of things you can do, a number of places you can visit on your Grenada Trip

1.    Visit the underwater sculptures- There is immensely beautiful fleet of underwater sculptures in Grenada, each of which has their own tales to tell, and visiting these sculptures will take you to a trip of imagination, interpretation and aquatic wonders. Though these sculptures can be seen through glass base boat and yacht rides and swimming, the best way of admiring them in their full glory is by scuba diving around them and witnessing the finesse of underwater art and how they are eroded over the years, still gleaming of the mysteries they hold within. There is a full day guided tour that you can opt for, where you will be explained details about the sculptures, when and why were they built and so on.

2.    Have a great time at the beaches- Being one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands, there is no way you won’t be going to beaches. But the point here is to find a beach were you have things of your interest. There are places where you can go for loud music and non-stop partying, cocktails and dancing and fun. On the other hand you can find beaches that are relatively quieter and you can enjoy long walks and sunsets and massages by the sea. There are also beaches that are especially famous for water sports and if that’s what you are looking for, you can definitely take the plunge! There are a number of bars and pubs by the beach where you can enjoy some of the best local drinks and foods.

3.    Enjoy the good food- One can try and experiment with several local dishes and savour the true colour and culture of the country on your plate. It is incredible to see different cultures blend and create a unique cooking style for every geographical location in the world. Typical Grenadian food is influenced by strong flavours and a lot of nutmeg. Seafood is very prevalent and all sorts of meats are eaten here. There are special drinks such as Sorrel juices and rums. You should also try locally brewed beer. You can try the different flavours being served across plenty of restaurants across the island and simply indulge in the true luxury of good food. The Grenada Chocolate company is a place you have to visit if you have an indulging sweet tooth. You can find some of the best chocolates in the world here and you will come home with a very happy belly after your Grenada Journey.

4.    Get one with the nature through hikes and treks- There are several hiking options in Grenada, where you can become one with the nature; it is like exploring the island on your own. There are several guided as well as hidden trails that you can enjoy hiking on and stop by beautiful waterfalls and enjoy the scenic splendour of this heaven-like place. There are a number of historic sites and gardens that you can visit and understand the history of the place.

5.    Explore wildlife- One can visit the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve in Grenada which is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna and your can learn about different species while walking these trails. You can also go to Levera National Park to see a number of animals and birds living in their natural habitat.