Mar 032015

From a something-for-everyone line-up to grand celebrations, the Abu Dhabi Festival is a tempting event that draws a large number of visitors from around the world. If you have a taste for music, no matter what kind, you should consider booking tickets for this event. The 12th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival showcases, and celebrates the art of 16 countries « Continue Reading »

Feb 132015
Abu Dhabi Festival 2015: Refining the Arts and Culture of the Middle East

Abu Dhabi is a culture-vulture’s dream come true! While age-old buildings preserve the magnificent cultural heritage, annual cultural events like Abu Dhabi Festival reflect its artistic brilliance and traditional richness. Come March, and so many cultural fests take place in the UAE that it gets truly baffling to know what to pick and what to miss. Commemorating the cultural and « Continue Reading »

Jan 192015

Foodies are looking for last minute deals for travel packages to be a part of Abu Dhabi Food Festival in February. Epicureans enjoying holidays in this emirate in February get an opportunity to explore various facets of UAE’s cuisine and hospitality. Cultural richness is one of the many reasons travellers’ book packages to the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. The year « Continue Reading »

Jun 122014

Despite high temperature and blazing heat, Abu Dhabi is becoming a popular destination among Britons to enjoy their summer holidays. During this time of the year, the emirate hosts several events, read on to find the one that suits your taste. With emergence of Abu Dhabi as a sought after holiday destination in the Middle East, every season is becoming « Continue Reading »

Jun 182013
SummerFest Abu Dhabi to Entice Tourists in Droves

SummerFest Abu Dhabi is kicking-off soon, all ready to offer a whale of time to all those international tourists who are spending on tickets aboard flights and planning vacations during this time. Abu Dhabi, one of the star attractions of UAE is all set to host SummerFest in coming months, offering a 52-day extravaganza to locals and tourists who have « Continue Reading »

Jun 152013
Hilton Worldwide To Launch Second Property in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Al Maqta is going to be rebranded as Hilton Abu Dhabi Capital Grand. International tourists booking tickets on emirate bound flights and opting to stay at the hotel will be able to enjoy a host of services and amenities. Leisure and business vacationers looking to secure tickets on flights to the UAE’s capital city, Abu Dhabi will have « Continue Reading »

May 162013
Exploring the Coastline of Abu Dhabi Beaches

Abu Dhabi is an unlikely beach destination with not many aware of the beaches here. Abu Dhabi has miles of coastline which has started to invite the curious traveller to book tickets aboard Abu Dhabi bound flights. Miles of coastline runs through Abu Dhabi with the shores harbouring the best of everything. The sandy white shorelines have become a huge « Continue Reading »