With panoply of tourist attractions on offer, New York is justly counted among the top holiday destinations in the USA. This article tells about some of the fascinating natural sites that vacationers booking tickets on flights for the city often include in their itinerary.

Considering the vividness and scintillation of mind-blowing tourist trappings, it seems safe to say that New York is a traveller’s paradise. From the inspiring ‘Statue of Liberty’ to staggering ‘Empire State Building’ and bustling Times Square to enthralling Saks on Fifth Avenue; the charming city of the USA unfeignedly lives up to every penny spent on air tickets onboard flights for vacationing here. What’s more? New York is a melting pot of alluring landscapes that provide much needed relax and rejuvenation away from the madness of the city. Though it is one of the USA’s lcentral-park-new-york-usaeading cosmopolitan hubs, New York has fair share of natural and green areas. Here is a quick look at some popular natural sites that are worth visiting for all those tourists who take fights for holidays in New York.

Central Park

One of the most visited parks in the USA, it consists of beautiful lakes, ponds, ice rinks and a plethora of species of plants and flowers. Additionally, it has an open air theatre and a carriage horse service that further accentuate its grandeur. Quite naturally, this scenic wonder is the star attraction of New York and catches the fancy of hordes of tourists, families in particular, who spend on air tickets on flights arriving here.

Prospect Parkprospect-park-new-york-usa

You can spend a full day here and still don’t get bored. There is panoply of attractions, making it a great place to hang out with family or friends. Besides of soaking in its picturesque greenery, visitors who spend on entry tickets for park would love to visit its small zoo that houses rare species of various animals. The Audubon Centre, the Long Meadow, Litchfield Villa and a sprawling lake are some other fascinating attractions waiting to be explored by tourists.

Wave Hill

wave-hill-new-york-usaThe Wave Hill is a sure delight for everyone who takes flights for family vacations in this enthralling metropolis of the USA. This captivating highland area spreads over around 28 acres, and presents vivid scenery with a variety of flowers and plants. Overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades, the place also enthrals one with its artistic and horticultural programs.

Those with penchant for art can buy an array of artefacts, naturally inspired ceramics, or seasonal plants and products from the specialized shop here.

Coney Island and Boardwalk


This place has a potpourri of attractions and captivates one and all! From sandy beaches to exciting recreations and endless opportunities for dining and shopping, Coney Island in Brooklyn is a joie de vivre and leaves one gloating over their decision of purchasing air tickets for sojourning this leading metropolis of the USA. Traveller boarding flights for New York holidays will also find the New York Aquarium, Abe Stark Ice Skating Rink and the MCU Park worth visiting in this region.