Dec 302016
Best Places to Enjoy New Year’s Eve in USA

New Year 2017 is about to come and avid travellers have already booked their tickets to different holiday destinations. During New Year’s Eve, quite a few people visit the US. Want to know why? Read on to find out about gala celebrations awaiting you across some of the most popular destinations in the US. New York City, New York The « Continue Reading »

Nov 282016
The Charms of Isla Mujeres, Mexico

A Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, Isla Mujeres has all the makings of a fabulous beach holiday destination. The beautiful island town is perfect for water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers.Here is a list of fun things you can enjoy while holidaying in Isla Mujeres. Paradise for Beach Lovers One can enjoy lots of peaceful times under the sun « Continue Reading »

Nov 212016
Spectacular Must-Visit US West Coast Destinations

The US West Coast is home to some of the most spectacular and scenic destinations across America. The region encompasses the famous celebrity hotspot of Los Angeles, the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas, and the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and the Yosemite National Park. The West Coast is such a marvellous region that every type traveller finds something « Continue Reading »

Nov 022016
Explore the Famous Historical Landmarks of New York

The bustling metropolis of New York boasts iconic monuments, historical landmarks, shops big and small, and some great restaurants dishing out fantastic world cuisines. The city, which is popularly called ‘the big apple’, has world famous sights at every turn and travellers often fall short of time to explore these attractions. Read on to know more about some of the « Continue Reading »

Oct 262016
The Fabulous Attractions along US Route 66

A road trip down the iconic Route 66 is like driving through the quintessential ‘Americana’. Probably, the most famous American road, Route 66 is a broad and meandering curve, which cuts across the country stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles. Route 66 has now been officially removed from the US highway system and doesn’t even show up in maps nowadays. « Continue Reading »

Sep 132016
Popular Business Hotels in Los Angeles

Corporate and leisure travellers have different needs and demands. For example, the former usually seek better technology in hotels as they have to stay connected and carry out different tasks. Also, they want their accommodation to be close to a convention centre or conference halls. Contrarily, leisure travellers are flexible about these features. In this article, we’ll introduce you to « Continue Reading »

Sep 122016
Quick Facts on Empire State Building

This iconic skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan – New York City is one of the most renowned tourist attractions of the world. With a height of 1454 feet, it is the 28th tallest building on the planet. Empire State Building’s name has originated from the Empire State, the nickname for New York. Unsurprisingly, this magnificent structure has been considered as one « Continue Reading »