Affectionately called ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka is a country known for glittering beaches, verdant jungles with colourful wildlife, jaw-dropping historical attractions, and a lot more.


Travellers who seek thrill here can opt for wildlife safaris, scuba-diving, surfing, hiking, and quite a few other activities. There’s something for everyone in this magical land. As the country may well overwhelm you, we have tried to present some useful tips here.

Best Time for Exploration

The best time to explore Sri Lanka’s west and south coast is from December to March, while the most travel-friendly weather on the east coast is from April/May to September. As this nation is located close to the equator, the temperature mostly remains constant throughout the year. However, the hilly regions can be surprisingly cold. Monsoons can be the major factor that may affect your trip, so frame your plans accordingly.

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine has been affected by numerous historical and cultural factors. By and large, it includes boiled or steamed rice with a curry of fish, beef, chicken, or mutton. There may be other curries made with vegetables, lentils, or fruits. ‘Coconut Sambol’, a paste of ground coconut mixed with chilli peppers, dried Maldive fish and lime juice, forms a part  of the cuisine too. A great dessert in Sri Lanka is the ‘Kevum’.


Just like any other tourist destination, Sri Lanka is home to hotels, resorts, villas, and hostels for different types of travellers. Some of the famous 5-star hotels are Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, Taj Samudra, Casa Colombo Hotel, and Earl’s Regency. The ones on a modest budget could consider Ranga’s Beach Hut, Meedum Villa, and The Green Rooms.

Public Transportation

Many Sri Lankan towns are small in size. They can be explored on foot. In larger towns, you can get around by a bus, taxi, or three-wheeler. Local buses ply frequently and are pocket friendly. They are crowded! The taxis charge nearly the same as three-wheelers. So, go for a taxi as it provides more safety. Budget travellers can use trains.  They are cheap but crowded.

Safety and Security

Make travel arrangements through highly-regarded travel companies. When attending a party, you should avoid taking drinks from strangers. Also, never ever leave your drink unattended. Passport, money, and other valuables must be kept in the safest possible place as thefts are not uncommon.  On road driving is inconsistent. Vehicles don’t stop at pedestrian crossings. So, you have to be careful in streets as well.