Seattle is a lively city surrounded by gigantic mountains, evergreen forests and large parkland. Over the years, the city has developed into a major tourist hotspot for families along with couples.


Here, we introduce you to some of the best known kid-centric attractions of the city. These venues promise both fun and learning opportunities to the children.

Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center is an interesting stop as it initiates and inspires a sense of discovery, experimentation and critical thinking amongst youngsters. For instance, there are Calorie Bicycles for figuring out the energy production and ‘Nutrition Café’ for playing exciting, enriching games.


Want your kids to skydive in a safe environment? Head to iFLY! In a vertical wind tunnel, one gets to enjoy the simulated fall conditions. There’ll be no parachute and just no jumping from the plane! Participants must arrive at the venue one hour before the scheduled flight time. The required training instructions will be given by a certified flight instructor.

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo showcases different natural habitats, from humid tropical rain forests and coastal deserts to temperate rain forests. Animals such as Arctic Fox, Orangutan, Giraffe, Hippopotamus and Indian Flying Fox and birds like Peregrine Falcon, Red-crowned Crane, Great Horned Owl and Turkey Vulture can be spotted by the visitors.

Seattle Art Museum

Founded in 1933, the Seattle Art Museum houses roughly 25,000 objects belonging to the Roman Empire and the later ages. The Asian displays are from countries like China, Japan, India, Korea etc. In addition, there’s an on-site café, restaurant, bookstore and lobby.

Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden

It is a visually-appealing botanical garden created in the honour of Carl S. English – a known botanist who was given the responsibility of altering an unused land into a grassy field for marching, training drills and public events. He developed it into a lush, flowery garden – what is now called as ‘Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden’. More than 1500 kinds of plants from different parts of the world can be found here.

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium has already hosted over 22 million visitors and more than 1.6 million school children since it come into existence! Visitors can spot salmons, potbellied seahorses, grunt sculpins, Pacific Spiny lumpsuckers, octopus, wolf eel etc.

Kids Flight Zone

Kids Flight Zone in ‘The Museum of Flight’ allows youngsters to strap into flight harnesses and try out their piloting skills in a hang gliding simulator. There’s also a section for learning about the flying machine and its control system. One can sit in the cockpit and handle systems of Rotorway Scorpion helicopter, Thorp T-18 homebuilt aircraft, and a P-47D replica.

Museum of Pop Culture

Museum of Pop Culture is a museum ‘dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture.’ The collections, exhibitions, and educational programmes cater to individuals of all age groups.

Seattle Children’s Theatre

Established in 1975, the Seattle Children’s Theatre is one of the largest resident theatres in North America for kids. It has already produced over 214 plays, some of which were world premieres. The age recommendation for each play is based on the text, abstract theme and dialogues. Moreover, special events are hosed regularly at Seattle Children’s Theatre to attract kids and young adults.