Oct 202014

In Maldives, many house reef resorts offer the opportunity to witness the oceanic world without having to go very far away from the resort. Following are the popular house reef resorts, tempting tourists who invest on flights for a great underwater experience. Maldives and snorkelling are almost synonymous! The magnificent beauty of the coral reefs under the cyan-coloured shallow water « Continue Reading »

Jul 072014
A Handy Guide to Enjoy Maldives Holidays at an Affordable Way

Though tagged as one of the most expensive destinations in the world, Maldives never fails to meet the expectations of budget tourists reserving packages to this Indian Ocean archipelago. What you need is to plan your holidays wisely. Read on to know how. Walking barefoot along the soft sands and feel the strokes of warm waters of the sea, capturing « Continue Reading »

Jul 022014
For Typical Maldivian Charm, Try Kurumba Resort in the Maldives

Travellers facing the problem of plenty with resort options available in Maldives can contemplate spending their next holiday at Kurumba. Vacationers seeking availability of tickets to fly to Maldives can learn about this top rated property to make their decision. ‘Unparalleled scintillation of nature’ could be an apt expression to explicate the spectacular Maldivian charm. This archipelago is a gem « Continue Reading »

Jun 252014
Top 5 Reasons to Buy Packages for Maldives Holidays

With abundance of natural beauty, exotic water sports and unmatched luxury and indulgence, the Maldives becharms one and all taking holidays to the archipelago. Here are five inevitable reasons why tour packages for Maldives are so sought after! Deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches, plush resort lifestyle and loads of drinking and dining options – that’s Maldives for « Continue Reading »

May 202014

Maldives is a leading tourist destination in the world such that every year millions book tickets on flights to the country for an unforgettable holidaying experience. One of the trendiest ways to explore the island nation is to take its popular excursions. An integral part of Indian Ocean Holidays, Maldives is an amazing holiday destination that promises to captivate the « Continue Reading »

Apr 042014
Maldives’ Top 4 Resorts That Redefine the Mores of Romance and Luxury

Boasting a wide assortment of sightseeing lures, pleasant weather and luxury resorts, Maldives remains a compelling stop where honeymooners can make the most of their money spent on air tickets aboard flights for the destination. The Maldives is dotted with romance, luxury and tropical bliss which make for a strong reason to bring nearly a million people every year to « Continue Reading »

Jan 032014
Exclusive Exposé: Maldives’s Top Dining Outlets for Visitors

The Maldives bursts at its seams with fantastic restaurants serving appetizing flavours. No wonder, thousands of epicureans from across the globe book tickets on flights bound for the Maldives to sample some of the world’s flavoursome cuisines. The Maldives sees streams of visitors, including a fair share of epicureans, who are often seen hunting tickets aboard direct/indirect flights to the « Continue Reading »