Durban, South Africa is known for some of the most famous beaches in the world and there are people visiting the city from different parts of the world. It is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world and there are a million things you can do here, but for the sake of brevity we mention just three!

Enjoy water sports

Surrounded with plenty of exotic beaches, Durban is a place where you can frolic with the sun and the sand. You can experience a whole new level of water sports; go snorkelling, parasailing and swim with the dolphins or dive in and see sharks in their natural habitat! You can take those coveted long walks on the beach, sip on fine drinks and be a part of the relaxed vibe of the city. You can visit the world famous uShaka Sea world, a part of the uShaka Marine World and spot some of the most breathtaking aquatic animals.

Dine out

Explore the ultra modern cafes and restaurants and bars of Durban. You will see how many different creative themes they follow. They are as inspiring as the food is good. You can try different cuisines from different parts of the world and will be able to take back culinary memories when you return home. You will see there are a lot of Indian cuisines available in Durban, some of the most savoury curries and breads and so on. Johnny’s Rotis, Bike and Bean, Afro’s Chicken and Skabenga are some classic examples of the kind of restaurants you will see here!

Shop in the local markets

There are a number of popular markets in Durban and you can take a fully guided tour through them. There are mostly street-markets where you can find anything from flowers, to clothes to bags, shoes, jewellery, perfumes, and artefacts and so on. There are a number of farmer markets that sell fresh local produce and you will be able to buy freshest fruits and vegetables from here.