Keeping in mind the increased demand for air tickets, Singapore Airlines has decided to bump up the number of extra flights to Christchurch during the summer holiday season. Five more supplementary flights will be added to the already announced 18 services.

Singapore Airlines has announced its plans to add five additional flights to Christchurch, New Zealand over the summer period, apart from the 18 supplementary flights that have already been announced by the airline. The flights will take off from Christchurch on 19 and 21 December, 2014. Other three flights will be departing on 16, 17 and 23, February, 2015.

As per the airline, the increase comes in response to high seasonal demand. There has been a surge in the demand for tickets on flights to and from the South Island, both by business and leisure travellers. 2015 Cricket World Cup is also being seen as the major driving force for the hike in demand for air tickets to New Zealand.

Edwin Chiang, General Manager, Singapore Airlines, New Zealand said, “Christchurch remains an extremely important long-term market for us. We have already had a strong customer response to the additional 18 flights we announced, because customers from around the South Island and the provinces find it extremely convenient to depart from Christchurch with the ease of single terminal transfer to their final destination, be it the key markets in Europe and Asia or anywhere across our global network of 63 destinations in 35 countries.

“The additional 28 percent boost in supplementary flights at the height of seasonal demand gives travellers better flight options, as well as extra frequency and additional cargo capacity for exporters. It is our pleasure to support the Christchurch recovery in this way.”

Christchurch Airport’s Chief Executive Malcolm Johns is of the opinion that the seasonal boost would prove to be advantageous for Christchurch tourism, encouraging tourists to book tickets and board flights to the city.

As per reports, Singapore Airlines’ extra flights would be served by Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. Tickets will be available for 30 business-class seats and 255 economy-class seats.