India is a diverse country in the true sense of the word. If you plan to visit India any time soon, you will be blown away by the kind of food diversities that the country has for you.


There are 29 different states in the country and each one has several cuisines that are its specialities! Learn about few of them.

Idli Sambhar- This traditional dish is from the south of India, where there is use of a lot of coconut and rice in the preparation. Idli is made of rice and sambhar is a soup that contains different chopped vegetables. It is rendered a tangy flavour due to the use of tamarind. It is served with coconut ‘chutney’ that is freshly ground and seasoned with light spices. There are a number of other traditional south Indian dishes such as dosa, vada, appam and uttapams that you must try when you get a chance. Though south Indian food is available throughout the country, it would good if you can have it in any of the southern states of India such as Kerala. However, it has to be said that there are several restaurants in others parts of India which serve authentic South Indian delicacies.

Chole Bhature- This mouth watering North Indian dish is famous across the world. It is deep fried flat bread served with generously spicy white grams cooked dry or with gravy. It is delicious and cities such as Delhi will serve some of the best in the country, however it is famous throughout the country.

Paav Bhaaji- This dish is a speciality from Mumbai, and is a kind of fluffy bread served with a paste like vegetable mixture, cooked dry. It is served with lots of butter, lemon and salad. It is one of the most refreshing Indian street foods that you will have. Word of caution though; if you cannot handle too much spice, let the chef know so that they can mellow it down a bit.

Goan Fish Curry- A former Portuguese colony, Goa is a coastal city loved by tourists for its beaches and seafood. There is a lot of Portuguese influence on their food, and the same can be tasted in a staple Goan fish curry. It is usually seasoned with coconut milk, curry leaves, tamarind, and mustard seeds, giving it a distinct flavour and freshness. It is typically served with rice.

Biryaani- Slow cooked rice with chicken or mutton, and spiced to perfection, Biryaani is a traditional subcontinent dish, which came to India with the Mughals. You have to try biryani while in India. It is available all over the country, but the one available in Hyderabad has its own, loyal following.

Kulfi- This Indian version of a Popsicle is a tasty combination of condensed milk, pistachios and almonds and is sweet enough to take you on a trip to heaven! There is no way you miss having a Kulfi while you are in India. Giani’s, India Hobby Centre, and Corner House Ice-cream are some of the best ice cream parlours in the country.