With scores of cryptic secrets that never fail to impress even the cynical of hearts, Canada remains one of the most favourite turfs for those who desire spooky adventure. No wonder, tickets to Canada scores high amongst ghost hunters around the globe.

Experience the Best of Western Canada Spooky Thrills

For some holidays to some exotic hotspot is just not enough for! They need more and perhaps something utterly unique! And Canada, with its fair share of haunted history, remains one of the most popular destinations that appeals to such enthusiasts.

With plenty of opportunities for spooky adventures, scores of cryptic secrets and plethora of untamed legends, captivating Canada is perhaps one destination where there is absolutely no shortage of spine-tingling tales to go around! Almost every traveller who has been to Canada has some stories to tell and some experiences to share!

In particular, the western part of the country is packed with yarns and folklores that are not exactly cheerful! Here are five such must-visit Western Canada’s top haunted destinations, memories of which return frequently, often accompanied by a shiver.

Banff Springs Hotel

Banff Springs Hotel remains the key highlight of spooky adventures in western Canada. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most haunted places in entire Canada. Built in 1887, the Banff Springs is an exquisite hotel which is believed to be haunted by different ghosts! One of them is said to be an apparition of a bride who died on her marriage day! The ghost of bellman is also very popular. The secrets of the blocked off staircase and the mysteriously missing room simply escalate the shiver in the being that are manufactured by the multiple tales of haunting and creepy events in this historic and beautiful chateau hotel. All in all, while the hotel is simply majestic and beautiful, the ‘fact’ that many spirits wander free in this hotel makes it one of the most favourite playgrounds for ghost hunters from across the globe!

Abandoned Schoolhouse

Yet another frightening lure of western Canada is the historic Abandoned Schoolhouse! Located in Calgary, Abandoned Schoolhouse arouses a strange sceptical feeling in the atmosphere and causes restlessness and anxiety among the visitors. Back in the day, the school building caught fire, claiming the lives of three children. Since then, patrons and visitors have reported to have heard the children laughing, playing and even falling down. Numerous legends add to the mysteriousness of this abandoned schoolhouse. It is said that the management tried to demolish the building thrice but failed every time!! Certainly not the place for faint hearts, Abandoned Schoolhouse simply tops the itineraries of those who buy tickets to Canada for a perfect spooky adventure.

Edmonton General Hospital

Hospitals are often known to strike a sense of fear in the mind and heart. However, the Edmonton General Hospital is perhaps one hospital that has a list of legends and horror tales related with. The hospital consists of several different wings, referred to by the letters, A, B, C and Y. Many believe that the B wing of the hospital that used to house the old operating rooms smell of sick people despite being closed and unused for 10yrs. There have been several reports of children crying on the 8th floor, though this floor is also closed and vacant. In the basement of the B wing of the hospital an electrician was killed during the construction work and it is believed that his spirit haunts the same pit where the tragedy happened. No wonder, Edmonton General Hospital remains the spot of choice for ghost hunters desirous of getting high on an extravagant dose of spooky thrills.

Vander Hoof

Steeped deep in history, the Vander Hoof is yet another exciting spot that witnessed some foul play years back. The folklores say that back in the 1780’s, a group of natives camped at the junction of the Stuart and Nechako rivers. The men went down the river looking for food leaving the women and kids behind, who were ruthlessly slaughtered by a war party of Chilcotin natives back at camp. All of this adds up to an atmosphere that lends eerie feeling among those who pay a visit to the place. With its mystery, creepy ambiance and cold spine-chilling feeling, the Vander Hoof has attracted curious onlookers to look for cheap flights to Canada.

Vernon’s Towne Cinema

A paranormal tour of the Vernon’s Towne Cinema perhaps tops the itineraries of almost all the avid ghost hunters on flights to Canada. The building was built in 1928 as a dance hall and vaudeville theatre; however, in 1938 the live theatre was converted to a movie theatre by the Famous Players Corporation. There have been many strange and odd occurrences in the theatre for years like objects moving on their own, doorknobs rattling with no one present, doors locking and unlocking on their own and unaccounted-for footsteps on the newly washed floor! It is believed that the ghost of a long dead projectionist walks the theatre after it is closed at night. Thrill seekers looking for haunted place with actual historical accounts of spooky activity within need look no further than Vernon’s Towne Cinema.