Jul 222016
Exciting Things to See and Do in Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, home to immigrants from around the world, has developed a colourful culture. During summers, you can participate in festivals and in the winters, skate on Rideau Canal Skateway; the world’s second largest skating rink. Of course, there are many other pursuits to follow in Ottawa. If you plan to explore this beautiful city, take a look at a bunch « Continue Reading »

Dec 082014

Most first-timers who sped on flights for holidays to Vancouver get stunned by the grandiosity of city’s international airport. For first-time travellers to the city, it makes sense to get acquainted with airport for easy navigation through its terminal complex. Ranking amongst some of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver, Canada impresses with its abundant natural exquisiteness, kaleidoscopic ethnic diversity « Continue Reading »

Nov 152012
Wallow in the Grace of Mother Nature in Parklands of Canada

Utter verdancy and natural wonders are the priceless possessions of Canada. It boasts the panoply of lush national parks that enamour the hearts of millions of naturalists look for affordable tickets deals and packages including flights and hotels. Besides being blessed with enormous natural splendour that rivals the best in the world, Canada is also endowed with a cognisance of « Continue Reading »

Aug 102012
Experience the Best of Western Canada Spooky Thrills

With scores of cryptic secrets that never fail to impress even the cynical of hearts, Canada remains one of the most favourite turfs for those who desire spooky adventure. No wonder, tickets to Canada scores high amongst ghost hunters around the globe. For some holidays to some exotic hotspot is just not enough for! They need more and perhaps something « Continue Reading »