Aug 292016

Termed as ‘The Land Down Under’ by European explorers in the olden times, Australia is one destination that has everything a traveller dreams of! People visiting the destination with kids will be happy to know that there are several venues created and developed solely for them. This is especially true of Canberra, the capital of Australia. It offers a number « Continue Reading »

Aug 262016
Our Pick of the Must-Visit Beaches in New Zealand

New Zealand has never failed to grab the attention of travellers with its vibrant culture, fun-filled festivals, delicious food, exciting outdoor activities, and a lot more. Of course, the destination also has legendary beaches. In fact, the country has 14,000 kilometres of coastline punctuated with mesmerising beaches. Let us explore just a few of them here. Hot Water Beach This « Continue Reading »

Aug 242016
The Natural and Historical Side of Singapore

The Lion City of Singapore usually brings to mind some of the best of shopping and gastronomic experiences in the world along with a seemingly endless melee of uber-modern charms and attractions. However, beyond all this glitz and glamour, the destination also packs in a fine heady blend of natural and historical charms. Come, explore the same. Singapore Zoo Billed « Continue Reading »

Aug 192016
Top 5 Towns to Visit in Tasmania

Tasmania seems to have everything a traveller could dream of! Historical towns, world-heritage sites, pristine beaches, majestic mountains and delicious cuisines are all part and parcel of the destination. The list doesn’t end here! Easy to see, why people from different corners of the world naturally flock to this place. If you are planning to explore this region, you must « Continue Reading »